Other Theories

It is possible that one or both of the Princes escaped from the Tower of London and survived. Richard III may have sent them to the European continent to keep them safe or to keep them from attempting to take the throne. Some historians have also suggested that Edward, who was suffering from a bone disease, may have died of natural causes in the Tower, while Richard survived.

At least two men claimed they were Prince Richard returned from exile. In both cases, the men garnered public support. Lambert Simnel was crowned King Edward VI in Ireland during the reign of Henry VII and a rebellion occurred. Henry ended the rebellion and Simnel was revealed to be an imposter. A man known as Perkin Warbeck was officially recognized as the Prince by an aunt and by royalty in Europe. At the time, Henry VII could not produce evidence that the Princes were dead, which would have proven Warbeck could not be Richard. He eventually confessed under torture to being an imposter and was executed.

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